Sunday, 17 February 2013

Giveaway - Winner Revealed TERESA HULLEY

Those two weeks passed by very quickly and the time has come to reveal the winner of my bead giveaway.

I had 113 entries in total and it has been such fun reading all your lovely comments about my work.

and the winner is .........  TERESA HULLEY of Bo Hulley Beads.

FIX I might here some of you shout as Teresa is my friend but I kid you not. I was very surprised when her name was picked and to prove it here is a screen shot of the random number generator I used.

and a scan of the list I made of the names each with their own number.

You can see that the umber generator chose 17 and that Teresa is number 17 in the list.

Congratulations Teresa.

If you were one of the unfortunate loosers, don't forget you can buy my beads in my Etsy store Earthshinebeads.

Thanks for looking.



  1. I am so pleased! I love these beads and can't wait to collect them, thank you Linda!


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