Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 2 Melanie Moertel Workshop at Mango Beads

The first job on the 2nd day of any workshop is to look at the beads you made the day before. You saw mine yesterday but here's another look.

I'm almost ashamed to admit they are mine - but we all have to start somewhere. Lots of the class dumped their beads in the water jar but I like to keep mine as you can never tell what inspiring colour combinations might reveal themselves.

Today we got to make a heart bead, an elephant bead and one of Melanies signature bead 'The angel bead'.

Melanie told us a story about how each bead design came to her, demoed and then it was our turn.

These are all the beads I made over the weekend. The bottom right one is the heart bead, the top right one is the elephant and the bottom left is the fairy bead. I didn't really like the fairy beads at first but I have to say they have grown on me.
All in all I would say that a good time was had by all and I made a lot of new friends who I hope to meet up with at Flame Off in April. Melanie was a good teacher and if you get a chance I would recommend a class with her.

Thanks for looking


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