Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jewellery Making

As you can see my lampworking has been a bit on the slow side recently. I've been really tired - not sleeping well so haven't felt like torching in the evening. I do have some beads that I have made that I'm still not ready to show yet.

I can accross this fantastic bracelet tutorial from The Gossiping Goddess and thought I might be able to make it using my spacer beads and a lampwork button for the toggle.

Here is the button and you can see some of the spacers above.

I visited a Purple Moon bead shop in Ventnor and bought some coloured jump rings, I haven't made the bracelet yet, more beads needed but I did make this cute Chainmaille bracelet using a kit they sell. This one is called Lavender Flip Flop Bracelet. I guess it took me about an hour to make. It didn't come with the magnetic catch, I added it so that the bracelet is easier to put on.

I think I am going to turn it into a charm bracelet. Then I went on to make this bracelet using one of my lampwork beads as a charm.

I find making chainmaille quite theraputic.

I've been attending 1to1 jewellery classes and it's nice to be able to know I am on my way to be able to make jewellery properly. So following my last class I made this necklace

Please excuse the photo, I found it really hard to get a good picture. It was made using my own lampwork beads and some Swaroski crystals for some extra sparkle.

I don't think I have shown a picture of this charm bracelet I made in purples and greens. Can you tell purple is one of my favourite colours?

I came accross these fantastic earrings by Donna Millard and I had never thought of using disc beads in this way. The last two bead making sessions I had I made a couple of disc beads using Reichenbach Dark Multi. I'm not sure I got the best out of the glass but they were a lovely  midnight blue colour.

Back of the Flame Off, wow, back in April so a while ago, I bought some bead caps and have never used them. Well now I had my chance, I am really chuffed with these earrings, totally inspired by Donna. I just wish I could wear them but my ears just start itching after a while, even with sterling silver.

I also made this pair of earrings with components made my Kristi Bowman

So as you can see I haven't been slacking really.

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