Friday, 13 July 2012

Copper Green and a bit of silver glass

I had a play with some Effetre Copper Green and some silver glass yesterday.

The bead on the left is DH Aurae the four beads on the right are DH Psyche. The one of the left is over reduced but I still quite like it.

This is DH Clio and probably the most I have got out of it to date.

These are Effetre Copper Green 219 except the hollow bead on the left is Efftre Green Metal Copper 230.
The second bead has had copper leaf added to it. This was my first attempt at using copper leaf. I was imagining that gorgeous copper colour on the copper green. I should have know better as I have never seen beads like that anywhere. It burns on contact with the heat and according to my friend will turn a lovely tourquoise on white enamel and copper green on other glass so copper green probably wasn't the best choice to start with. The big disc bead on the right was my first experiment into baking powder. I rolled the disc in the powder and nothing much happened until I added more copper green on the top. Then bang lots of lovely bubbles. You can see the effect better in the bead below.

I first soaked the beads in limescale remover to see if the metal effect would come off but it didn't - at least not for the time I left them for. So then I etched them. I just love this organic look and think I will be playing with this some more.

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