Thursday, 3 December 2015


Have you heard about Polyvore? I came across it a couple of years ago and then forgot about it. It's a place where people can create style collections/outfits and buy the items featured. Some are simple like the one below and some of them are really creative. It's a different way to shop for fashion.

Now I am the first to admit that I am not a fashion follower but I do like to look nice, I also make and sell my own jewellery and was trying to think of ways to promote this among the fashion world. Then I received a marketing email from Polyvore a few days ago. Co-incidence or serendipity? I don't know.

I tried to create my own but there must be some secret that I haven't found out about yet as the basic tool seemed a bit limited to me, also I think you can only choose items that they have for sale so I couldn't include my jewellery. I will have to do some further investigation.

Anyway I was looking for outfit's that I felt would look nice with my jewellery. I thought my autumn necklaces, Falling Leaves and Fern Leaf Necklace

Would look great with this outfit
Tory Burch Boots

Tory Burch Boots by bliznec featuring a tory burch bootie

Don't you think this bracelet?........

would look darling with this outfit?

Purple Rhapsody

and what about this yellow disc necklace to add a pop of colour to this jumper

Yellow, Green & Brown

When I saw this Purple and green holographic collection........

Purple and Green Holographic
Purple and Green Holographic by julesdiaries featuring a nail polish

I couldn't help but think this set of mini icicle headpins would go perfectly with them. I can imagine a whole necklace of these, all spiky would look fantastic, maybe I'll get round to creating one someday.

and what about these for stunning drop earrings?

I hope you enjoyed my little selection.

Thanks for looking.

Linda x

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  1. Hey! New follower! I've heard about polywore a lot as well. Its a good website and company. I've heard that other companies like fire mountain gives out similar products too? I haven't been there in a while but did remember something few months back! Anyways, good post! If you'd follow back and comment as well. That would have me in good interaction with you back and forth. Looking for new bloggers like you to become the long term readers of my bloodspot :)


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