Sunday, 20 January 2013

I've been making jewellery and improving my photos.

Because it is so cold in my conservatory at the moment, instead of torching I decided to have a play with my beads and make some jewellery some of which I have been promising to do for a long time.

First up, some time ago I made this bead which went so nice with this silk ribbon from Diane at Sowzere

The focal bead is made using Double Helix Clio, goldstone and my own enamel murrini made during my class with Astrid Riedal at Diana Easts studio in Leicester.

This is the necklace I made

I teamed it together with some copper including some copper rings by Faith Bowman of Abyjem, some seed beads and glass chips together with some more of my lampwork beads. It so reminds me of the hot pinks and oranges of India, saris and spices etc.

It's available for sale in my Etsy store here:

Next up another necklace.

Back in July of last year I bought a clasp from Melinda Orr, I had a project in mind but never got round to it, so when I saw this ceramic component from Teresa Hully of Bo Hulley Beads I knew just what to do with it.
Coupled together with some Vintaj brass, a selection of my own lampwork beads and another silk ribbon from Sowzere and this is the result. I live on an Island and this piece is so evocative of the colours of the sea.
Finally a bracelet
The colours in this bracelet are inspired by another ceramic bead from Bo Hulley Beads. I pulled some lampwork beads in jade green, olive, mint, tourquoise and green from my collection and patinated a floral clasp to match.  Some more Vintaj brass completed the look.
Now what do you think of my photos?
I purchased a photography tutorial by Brit Hammer after seeing a blog post on Daily Art Muse on how Bronwen Heilman was improving her photography skills, something I desperately want to do especially when it comes to jewellery.
I have a reasonable knowledge of how my SLR camera works but don't seem to be able to get consistant results. Sometimes I can take pretty good pictures just with my compact.
I didn't really learn how to take better photos of my beads as such but it did make me look at my jewellery as 'art' and to think of my photos in a completely different way.
Thanks for looking

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