Thursday, 3 January 2013

52 pairs of earrings in a year (2013)

Last year Anke aHa challenged herself to produce a pair of earrings a week. This caught on and a group was started on Flickr where people could post their creations.

A group of us over at the Craft Pimp Forum have decided to create a similar challenge and I've decided to join in. Some of us will do earrings others will make whatever takes their fancy. It's all about getting the creative juices flowing.

It will definitely be a challenge for me as I am going to try and make all the pairs using my own lampwork beads and have probably only made a dozen pairs to date.

So 1 pair down and 51 pairs to go - here are my first pair.

I will be adding a list of other people taking part as we go along.

Heather Kelly who is also doing the earring challenge. You can see her first pair here:

Sue from Blue Box Studio has done her blog post here

You can see all the makes on the Craft Pimp Forum post here:,3890.0.html

Thanks for looking


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