Sunday, 2 December 2012


I was lucky enough to win one of the recent oxycon generators that was up for sale on Ebay recently. So I am now a two oxy gal!

I have also been thinking of upgrading my torch to a Carlisle Mini CC. I have had a play on one of these torches a couple of times and really liked it. I also wanted to be able to improve my stringer work and whilst I was able to do this on the Minor to get the small flame that I wanted resulted in the flame squealing - not a nice sound.  I had read that there was more radiant heat in the Carlisle and that also the flame is softer.

Fortunately someone was selling their kit and was happy to split it so I now have a secondhand Carlise Mini CC.

Trying to fit the second oxycon in was proving a little bit more difficult than I imagined. Ended up having to re-design my studio corner and move the glass to another location. Bit annoying as it now isn't in arms reach but I was a bit worried that the table wouldn't take too much more weight.

So, the two oxycons and the new torch are plumbed in and I'm ready to go.

Lit the torch and wow! I like. The flame is much hotter so the glass melts more quickly and the flame is sooo adjustable, from a huge bushy flame to a small fine one. I found that I could apply stringer better without having to adjust the flame up and down so often - due to that radiant heat. Got to be careful of my little fingers though and I need to get a torch top marver as this one didn't come with it.

5 beads in and my propane runs out. Would you believe it? The gas man who usually delivers seems to have gone out of business so I have to wait until I can get to Newport. Bah!

Thanks for looking.


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