Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmassy fun weekend at Diana Easts Studio in Leicester

When Diana East announced that she was having a Christmassy Fun Weekend I knew I just had to go. Last year was the first workshop I attended since starting lampworking and I made some lovely friends.

Di showed us how to make baubles and icicles and Sally Carver showed us how to make some really cute penguins.

Unfortunately my first bauble exploded whilst it was in the kiln and the second one got a hole in it so I got a bit creative and made this

Don't ask me what it is as I haven't got a clue but it has a lovely organic shape.

Back in the summer I bought a fuming kit from Di but have never got round to using it. So whilst I was there I took the opportunity to have a play and gold fumed the icicle I made.

It's so amazing how the gold fumes turn the clear glass pink. If you keep going the icicle would turn blue and then completely gold. I liked the pink so I stopped there.

I got a bit carried away with the penguins. I think they are so cute and my first real foray into off mandrel work.

A friend of my said they all have their own personalities and she is so right.

When I got home I thought the technique would work for a cat and made this

I had a devil of a time trying to get it's eyes to look how I remembered. I gave it a little red collar with a diamonte stud. Sweet isn't it. Think I might have a go at making some more of these.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Thanks for looking.


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