Saturday, 7 March 2015

Facebook selling groups for lampwork glass beads.

Today a friend said that she wanted to sell some of the lampwork beads that she had bought from other artists and which group could she do that in. Well, I don't know about you but I am getting seriously confused by all the Facebook Groups. I know I have seen one somewhere but can I find it again? No......

So I thought I might start a list of all the groups I know of with some of the requirements for selling on them. I'll be concentrating on Lampwork glass beads first. This will be a work in progress and I will add them as I find them. Maybe if you know of any that I haven't listed here you could let me know.

There are two types of groups 1 is a group where everyone can sell with a limited number of items the other is know as a Trunk Show which usually runs over 2 days and is limited to 1 person.

The first two are the ones that I use at the moment.

Lampwork Beads for Sale 

8623 members 2 listings per seller

Lampwork Bead Market 

7311 members 3 listings per seller.

Handmade Lampwork Beads for Sale

1265 members. 4 listings per seller. Orders can be taken.

Glass Beads for Sale 
746 members. 4 listings per seller. Lampwork beads and jewellery allowed.

Lampwork Auctions

940 members 6 listings per seller

Glass open Market

2954 members, Trunk Show

Artisans Open Market - Handmade Lampwork Glass

4363 members, Trunk show

Lampwork Bazaar

826 members, Trunk Show

UK Lampwork Showcase (relatively new site)

470 members, Trunk Show with open days.

Thanks for looking.


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