Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Just for me.

I made myself a necklace today. I made this batch of glass rings a few days ago,

they are made from a glass called Dark Multi and I am never quite sure what colour is going to come out but this batch were lovely purples and greens. I was going to put them for sale when I noticed how well they went with this new top I just bought from Whitestuff.

You can't quite see in the picture but there is a bit of brown in the dress so I picked out some brown rubber tubing like this.

Then I wanted something to separate the beads, I couldn't find any spacers in my stash that had a big enough hole to thread onto the tubing, I tried some bronze coloured annodised aluminium chainmail rings like these

but they just didn't look right.

Then I remembered that I bought a big bag of memory wire cages in a de-stash sale at the Smitten Beads open day I went to a while ago. They are meant to be used with a bead inside like this pendant.

I don't know how many there were in the bag, maybe 100 and they only cost a bargain £1.25.

They seemed destined to fit in between the rings. I then removed one end of a memory wire necklace

and threaded the thong onto it, replaced the end and voila, an instant necklace.

This is the finished necklace, I'm going to love wearing this.

Thanks for looking.



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