Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Customer's Work Featuring Leah Curtis, Rebecca Anderson and Ellen Adair.

I'm so lucky to have talented customers who buy my work and then turned them into beautiful creations. Sometimes I get to see what they make which is always a treat!

Here are some recent makes I thought I'd share with you.

These are all by Rebecca Anderson of Songbead. All of them have at least one of my glass rings in the design somewhere, can you spot them?




I think it's very clever the way she has turned my rings into toggle clasps, don't you?

Next up is Leah Curtis of Beady Eyed Bunny. I recently made some black rose headpins for her as a request as she had an idea for a gothic inspired bracelet.

This is what she created with them, definately gothic don't you think?

and lastly Ellen Adair from The Blue Starfish


An unusual way of using a pair of my headpins.


and I just love these Relic necklaces, so much so, I bought this one!


If you click on the photos you may be lucky enough to be taken to the link to buy these beauties.

Thanks for looking.


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