Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee torching sessions

I managed to get a couple of small torching sessions in over the long weekend. Still obsessed with making spacers for my jewelllery which is why I started lampworking in the first place.

The spacers are Effetre Rose Quartz, Effetre Baby Blue 038 and Effetre Pink 591 which I think is more of a pale peach colour.

Next is Peace/Rubino/Effetre Baby Pink 256 dots.
These three are DH Kalypso, wrapped in fine silver wire and then encased in Effetre Clear 006.

The monthly theme challenge on the Craft Pimp forum is Peacocks.
I was trying to re-create one of the feathers and wanted to get that frondy look. Not quite sure if I've achieved it but I think you can tell what it's supposed to be.

The base is CIM Tuxedo. Then CIM Elphalba, Goldstone, Efftre Light Tourquoise 232 and then Effetre Lapis Cobalt Blue 246. The stringer round the sides is Effetre Transparent Sage Green over CIM Elphalba.

From left to right

CIM Heffalump and Olive spacers.

CIM Peace/CIM Clockwork/Effetre Rubino with CIM Lapis dots.
CIM Heffalump with Lapis Dots
CIM Dirty Maritini, Effetre Clear 006 then Olive dots
Peace/CIM Simply Berry/Peace dots.

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