Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fridays beads

Well apart from the wind we did get to see some sun yesterday but not when I had the time to take these photos so apologies for the dullness.

I think this is possibly the larges amount of beads I have made in one sitting so far. Mostly due to the large amount of spacers I made. I managed to get 19 on one mandrel.

I took these on a grey background so that they might show up a bit better.

They are from top to bottom

CIM Dirty Martini
Effetre Pale Blue 050
CIM Kruptonite
CIM Lapis
CIM Count Von Count
CIM Butter Pecan

I'm still making beads for my friends necklace. If I do them a bit at a time I won't get bored! This is the one on the right. The one next to it was a mistake as I melted it too much, so I went the whole hog and melted it all the way. I quite liked it and thoought it might look nice on Effetre Cool Green Tea 680, so that is the one next to it - third from the right. The frit is Rock your Baby from Cheeky Cherub Designs.

The four on the left are CIM Chai Unique 765-2/ Effetre Silver Pink 255/ Ask Silver Brown/ Effetre Pale Apple Green 073 all are wrapped in silver foil and the rolled in Zenobia a raku frit blen from Frit-n-glas.

The one in the centre is Effetre Black 104 wrapped in silver foil and then rolled in Toscana a raku frit blend again from Frit'n'glas.

I'm taking part in another bead swap. This time on the Frit Happens forum. The theme is Summer and I am so pleased with these discs made from Effetre Light Zucca 425 that I am tempted to keep them. I hope I will be able to make some more as they are yum!

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