Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sundays Beads

As you can see I didn't make a huge amount of beads on Sunday, this is mainly due to the fact that the Fire beads I am working on take a long time to make.

The bead on the right is the first one I tried, this time over white dots. Unfortunately the bead release broke before I had a chance to finish it. Then I came up with the idea of layering yellow over red dots. I loved the look of these when I was making them but not so happy when I got them out of the kiln. I like the effect though and will try and explore with a differnt colour combination at a later time.

To be honest I've completely lost track of which yellows, oranges and red's I've used this time so I can't share that with you.

This is Effetre Cool Green Tea with a stripe of  Zephrine frit from Frit & Glass and shaped in my Pegasus Ornate & Bicone Ribbed bead roller. I love this and am going to make a couple more smaller beads to match.

When I was at Flame Off, I was fortunate to be shown how to get some colour out of a glass cby Reichenbach called Iris Orange, something that has eluded me.

This is Helen, showing me what to do. The necklace that you can see round her neck are discs of what are called Raku colours, including Iris Orange. It looks absolutely georgeous in real life. Here is a better picture of it:

Rajasthan Necklace

You can read all about Helens work in her blog and buy her beads in her Etsy store.

The large disc is the one I made at Flame Off using my new Pegasus Disc bead roller.

I was a bit dissapointed as the gorgeous purples that I got on the edge of the bead disappeared when it was put in the cooling bubbles. Still will keep trying.

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