Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sundays beads

 As you can see Sundays bead making looks a bit on the sad side.  The big lentil on the left was supposed to be one of the pillow shape beads but it was too big so I improvised. I'm still trying to get the pillow beads the same size. More practice needed.

This is another attempt at Iris Gold. This time Effetre Rubino rolled in the frit, swirled and then encased. An interesting effect.

 This is Effetre Pale Apple Green 073 rolled in the frit, melted and pulled into stringer and then applied, twisted and encased. As you can see there is some blues on the top and bottom but still lots of brown.

 This is Effetre Cobolt 060 rolled in the frit, melted in and then encased. The effect looks nice but only in bright light otherwise it's really dark.

  Guess I need to try again.
This is a button I made with Effetre Pale Apple Green 073 dipped in Cracklin Rosie frit from Cheeky Cherub. I plan on turning it into a ring like the one I made on the By George it's Lush weekend workshop.  

Do you remember this one? I dipped it in Etching Fluid for a few seconds and what a difference it makes! 


One good thing about Sundays bead making was I finally finished the beads to make this lovely set. It contains as massive 27 beads and I'm really proud of them. Will be offering them up for sale on Etsy sometime this week. 

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