Thursday, 30 October 2014

Junk Shop Finds

or in my case Charity Shop finds of which we have many on our little island and at least 7 (doing a quick count in my head) in my town of Shanklin.

I popped into the British Heart Foundation today and thought I would share with you what I bought.

First up I bought this necklace, look at all the lovely chain and that interesting arrangement of jump rings that all the beads are hanging off.

and look at these lovely chain connectors.

This necklace only cost me £1.99 and then there's this piece

Look at all those lovely sparkly black crystals and that wonderful tassle. A bargain at £1.49!

and finally

Lots of gorgeous antique gold chain and only £1.99 for this one.

I mostly buy pieces for the chain and only re-use the beads if they are good quality.

I have a large collection of chain sitting in a couple of glasses on my windowsill.

I sometimse get some great inspiration from charity shop finds for example I made this necklace for the Bead Soup Blog Party this year

The necklace that I bought was the basis for the design. I added the copper focal and my own glass leaf headpins to finish it off.

I love upcycling jewellery and was one of the reasons I chose the name of my business 'Earthshine'.

Incidentally the mannequin I used in the photos above was bought from a QS (Quality Seconds). it was £6.99 which I thought was a bargain. It was a bit dark to go with my display so I sprayed it with some enamel spray paint to lighten it up. I think it works quite well don't you?

Thanks for looking.


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