Monday, 9 December 2013

Nine Days of Christmas Fair and my stand.

I've just finished doing a successful 9 day Christmas fair at The New Rembrandt Gallery in Newport.

I helped out by designing the posters.

Here is a picture of my stand

I made the garland myself (I used to be a florist) using some flowers that I bought to make my wedding bouquet some years ago that have been sitting in a box in the loft. I got married in Las Vegas so didn't need them in the end.

I found some gorgeous ceramic busts on Wightbay for a bargain £20 for a pair and I think they compliment my stand perfectly.

I picked up the corner units on Wightbay too. It was a mahogany coloured wotnot that cost me £7. I did some research on the internet and found out how to distress them to match the 3 way mirror that I picked up in an antiques fair years ago.

It came apart easily as it all screws together so I reconfigured it to make two separate units.

I sanded them down and then painted the edges with some gold paint that I had in the garage.


I then used some Vaseline and rubbed it on the edges. Then I gave them a couple of coats of white emulsion. Once it was dry I used some sandpaper and lightly rubbed of some of the paint to reveal the gold below. I then used some varnish to make the white more creamy.

I think they turned out really well, don't you?

I was really pleased with the fair. I wasn't expecting it to be massively busy and it wasn't but I did really well. Some pieces went which I was sad to see go, but glad that they had gone to a good home.

Here are some of the pieces that have been re-homed.

You may remember this necklace from the Bead Soup Blog Party.


Thanks for looking.



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