Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Latest Creations

I've been working on a few different projects lately. First up are 'Over the Rainbow'

I made a few of these beads and then discovered that some of the colours I had chosen didn't show up very well. This led me to make a series of test beads. I'm not going to show them here because they are not pretty. I will share my results with you another time.

These beads were made with a base of Effetre Black 064. Colours used are Effetre Bright Acid Yellow 416, CIM Creamsickle, Effetre Coral 420, Effetre Pea Green 214, Effetre Dark periwinkle 222 and Effetre Light Tourquoise 232.

A while ago I purchased some Iris frit from Bead Goodies and thought it was about time I had a play.

I made a twistie using Iris Green and Effetre Light Brown Transparent 018 then applied to a clear base. Encased in clear 006 and added Effetre Black 064 ends. The twistie was made by applying a gather of the brown to the end of a mandrel. Dipping the gather in the frit and melting in 3 times.

It reminds me of swirling seas so I called this 'Ocean Waves'

More experimenting. This time I made a twistie using as above but using first Iris Gold, then Iris Blue and finally Iris Green. Base of Effetre Black 064, apply twistie and then gravity twist using heat control. Then encase with 006 clear.

These too remind me of the sea so I've called them 'Atlantis'

I had another play making an Autumn Tree Bead.

The base is Effetre Pale Emerald Green 031 and Baby Blue 038. The leaves are Iris Orange Frit and the tree base and trunk are Reichenbach Deep Black. The bead has been etched and is double sided.

I'm really pleased with this final bead. It was made to match a silk ribbon made by Diane from Sowerze, She dyes all her ribbons and they are gorgeous.
It took me 2.5 hours and I desperately needed a wee! but I was determind to finish it and I was so pleased when I took it out of the kiln in the morning.

I will post a photo when I have made it up into a necklace, complete with the ribbon as this is going to be just for me.

The glass used (from the inside out) Effetre Pea Green 214, Effetre White dots 204. Then layers of CIM Peace/ Light Grass Green 022, CIM Peace/Effetre Teal 026, CIM Peace/Lt Tourquoise 034, CIM Peace raked, CIM Atlatis Dots topped with Effetre Pea Green 214.

All beads bar the last one have been put for sale in my Etsy store.

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  1. Ooo Spexy, that last bead was well worth the wee wait! Look forward to seeing it with the ribbon x


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