Saturday, 1 September 2012

All that glitters......

I haven't done one of these recently but I had such fun last night I just had to share.

I love all things sparkly and when my friend Sue (Flaming Eck) sent me some pixie dust I just had to have a play. I also bought some goldstone frit and some Double Helix silver glass frit Triton, and some iris gold frit last weekend so I threw a bit of that in too.

I only had one small glass jar that I could put the pixie dust in to use so I started with Glitter Diamond White

First up I encased it, wasn't overly impressed so then I added it to the surface and used the round ridged roller, much better. Thirdly I did the same on some Effetre light tourquoise 034, lovely!

Inspired I created this set of beads with raised spirally stringer.

These are Effetre Lt Tourqoise 034, Teal Green 026 and Lt Violet 041. I will add these to my Etsy store when I have time.

Next up is Sparkle Bright Copper.

The bead on the left is Effetre Light Amber 008 and coated with the pixie dust, I then used the same colour as stringer decoration. I have to say it looks much better in the photo than in real life. The bead on the right is the same but has dots of Double Helix Helios.

The core of the bead of the right was Lt Amber coated in the Sparkle Bright Copper pixie dust but it doesn't really show up. Might be better over white. I was interested to see that the DH Helios has slightly fumed the Lt Amber giving it a lovely irridescence on places.

I purchased some Goldstone Frit as although I have the ribbons they don't make very good stringer. Who would have thought such sparkle would come from this browny looking frit?

I also bought some Double Helix frit Triton and Aion 2. I have looked a this online and thought, I'm not paying £7.99 for that, but seeing it in real life you get an awful lot for your money.

I was on the stand of Crystal Rose and admired some beads that she had made, I have just found a picture of them on her website

Pretty aren't they. Well her mother was on the stall and said that she sold the frit to make them, I looked at it and said I have some of that but she convinced me that it was different so I bought some. of course when I got home I realised that it was Iris Gold which I do already have and have not had much success with in the past. So I had another go. It came with a set of instructions which I followed. Some limited success but not the same as Crystals. Might have to send her an email.

Last up Reichenbach Silver Brown. I bought this at the Flame Off. What happens is I stand there looking at some glass and someone says, this is lovely it does this and that and I think oooh and I buy some and then I get it home and can't remember what it was that it did and it sits on the shelf for ages doing nothing. Well last night I decided to get a rod of this out and made a bead, reduced it because it's got silver in the name and I thought it might be a reducer and nothing. It was just a shade of amber just as it is in the rod. I reduced it really heavily too. Dissapointed I put it in the kiln and carried on with my work. When I finished I had a google and found this thread on Frit Happens. Such fantastic colours that people have achieved with this glass.

So imagine my surprise when I took this little beauty out of the kiln this morning. Helloooo, the kiln fairies did something wonderful with it. Will definately be playing some more with this.

Well that's all for today folks, it's actually taken me 2 and a half hours to take photo's edit them and write up this post so I hope you appreciate it. All comments, hints and tips welcome.

Some final eye candy.


  1. Good grief that was a read!! Do email Crystal (her mum is called Rosemary or Rosemarie, Rosemary I think) she will help you she is lovely is Crystal. Fab beads there Spexs, love the sparkle Lx

  2. it sure is quite a read but very interesting too- love your work :)

  3. Fab sparkly blog Linda, really loving your silver brown, yummy.

  4. Thankyou. I've been playing with the silver brown some more but have yet to achieve consistant results.

  5. What a lovely read and gorgeous results...;)

    I've also been playing with the sparklies from Jo..and funnily enough chose the diamond sparkle and one of the copper ones to start with. I have only used a base of clear so far. Nowhere near as nice as yours though;/

    Keep going with the silver brown, it's such a great feeling when you get the colours to come out and play..;)x

  6. Great blog, Linda. Bit confused over the dewdrops beads though - is that really iris gold frit, the clear stuff in the jar? Don't think mine looks like that...


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