Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Getting better

Following my weekend with Di East I couldn't wait to get back home and have a play, putting my new found knowledge to use.

Di was wearing this stunning bead, unfortunately I don't have a picture, and she demo'ed how to make it. My first attempt looks nothing like it but I am really pleased with it none the less.

The base is a bicone shape of Effetre Opal Yellow. Double Helix Psyche is then applied in blobs (technical term!) completely covering the Opal Yellow, which are then poked. Reduce to get that lovely shimmer in the silver glass and then each blob is individually encased with Effetre Dark lavender 081. This creates the bubble in each poked hole. You must make sure that this is done in the back and below the flame so that you avoid burning off the reduction. Completely encase the Psyche.

A fellow lampworker donated some murrini to me. Hold the murrini in the back of the flame holding it with a pair of tweezers and then heat a spot on the bead and poked the murrini until it was is halfway in the glass. Flame polish the top and drop a dollop of clear just on the top of the murrini. Slowely melt in from all sides to spread the murrini out.

Finally shape the bead with a marver by heating around to middle leaving the ends stiff.

We had a bead swap and Sally Carver made this stunning bead which fellow lampworker Linda was lucky enough to pull out of the lucky dip. Again I don't have a photo but Sally was kind enough to demo this bead and here is my attempt. Isn't it gorgeous?

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